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Healthy Aging Enthusiast, Healthy Lifestyle Advisor, Wellness Coach, Entrepreneur.

Trudy provides clients with a variety of options when it comes to managing overall health and well-being. Concerning our health - one size does NOT fit all.  We are fearfully and wonderfully made - what works for one may not necessarily work well for someone else.


Whether you are interested in cleansing/detoxing your body, a low carb/sugar approach to eating, a balanced approach to eating, or desiring to adopt intermittent fasting as a healthy lifestyle approach - she has assisted hundreds of clients and business associates in tailoring their nutritional plans. If you are busy and don't have hours to devote to your wellness goals, you are in the right place. Convenience and ease are top priority - Over the years Trudy has learned that if the protocol isn't easy, people are not going to follow it!   


Spend some time perusing the site and see what TrudyHartPetersen.com has to offer in terms of healthy aging and wellness information.  If you click on the buttons in the various sections of the page - you will be taken to a site which will provide information on the products Trudy endorses and recommends and allow you to purchase if you desire. Here's to your health!

The Techniques I Use Regulary

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Think about this. The things we value in life, which sometimes cost us the most, we care for to ensure they will last. We clean and remodel our home to maintain or increase the value, we change the oil and the filters in our vehicles to get better mileage and performance, and, to ensure they will run efficiently and properly for a long time.  What are we doing about our body - something we can never replace - to assure maximum performance and efficiency not to mention health and longevity? What if we could give our body a break periodically and allow energy to be used for healing, repair and perhaps rid its self of foreign or unwanted substances?


We can - through the science of Nutritional Cleansing/Fasting or what some refer to as Detoxing.  People have been fasting throughout the ages for spiritual, mental and physical reasons. Nutritional Cleansing allows us to give our body a break while at the same time, flooding it with nutrients. The results can be pretty amazing!

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Optimal Nutrition

If you do the research, you will find that one of the most complete proteins we can consume is whey protein.  The best whey is minimally processed sourced from grass-fed cows. Only whey from 'grass-fed' animals promotes glutathione production in our bodies.  Glutathione is a very important protein  component as it is the master antioxidant in every cell of the body. Plant protein does not assist with glutathione production.  


Unfortunately, in the U.S. our animals are typically not grass-fed. In Australia and New Zealand, it is not legal to feed the animals anything other than grass.  It makes sense as that is what they were designed to eat!


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