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After we have cleansed our body - we follow up  with high grade, dense nutrition.

Our body is a self-healing machine!  All we have to do is give it what it needs!

If you do the research, you will find that one of the most complete proteins we can consume is whey protein.  The best whey is minimally processed sourced from grass-fed cows. Only whey from 'grass-fed' animals promotes glutathione production in our bodies.  Glutathione is a very important protein  component as it is the master antioxidant in every cell of the body. Plant protein does not assist with glutathione production.  Unfortunately, in the U.S. our animals are typically not grass-fed. In Australia and New Zealand, it is not legal to feed the animals anything other than grass.  It makes sense as that is what they were designed to eat!

Healthy aging