5G Fear

5G is here, like it or not. Personally I was okay with the internet speed as it was but technology marches on. For some reason, people are excited about driverless cars and remote surgeries - neither of which trip my trigger. At this point I do not see myself EVER wanting to be in a moving vehicle with out a driver. EVER.

I've read the horror stories of the dead bees at the base of the 5G towers (accompanied with pictures). I've read that many believe there is a connection between coronavirus and 5G. When you are in the world of health and constantly researching- you see and hear A LOT!

What I know is that mobile radiation is a very real thing. For many years I have refused to

hold the cell phone up to the side of my head to talk. I use the speaker phone or a headset, most often I have it on speaker. Many years ago I read the account of the gentleman who worked for Motorola to develop the cell phone. As fate would have it, he ended up with a cancerous tumor just over the ear where he held the phone to talk. That made a believer out of me.

At this point, any and all research which has been done on mobile radiation has been done with 2G, 3G, and 4G. We now find ourselves in the 5G world with no studies done to determine what could potentially happen to our health as a result of this enhanced radiation. Now what?

Just as we have seen with the coronavirus - you MUST work to keep your immune system strong. We know for a fact is that of those who died from the virus, 94% had underlying health issues. If you are not making your health a priority - that could be problematic as time and technology march forth. Health is never just one thing, there are pillars of health and ALL are important. If you have any health issues and would like to do a consult - email me to schedule a call. I'm a nutritionist, not a doctor and I do not prescribe, treat or diagnose. I make suggestions based on working with hundreds of people over the years and seeing some pretty dramatic health turn arounds.

If you begin looking, you will start seeing all kinds of products to mitigate 5G radiation. I'm seeing underwear (yes, I said underwear), shirts, caps and jewelry to be used for this express purpose. More and more items will be coming - just like coronavirus and face masks - it is spawning an entire cottage industry.

My strategy? Continue to shore up my immune system implementing all of the pillars of health. (diet, supplements, sunshine, good air, proper sleep, etc.) I'm also looking at one of the wearable devices (mineral jewelry which mitigates, neutralizes radiation) for when I'm using my computer and cell phone. I also practice grounding when ever possible. (such as sleeping on a grounding mat and pillow.) While I'd like to detach and move to a cabin in the woods, I realize staying connected to the modern world is pretty important.