Crappy Carbohydrates

The older I get and the more I learn, the more convinced I am that carbohydrates are killers. Processed foods are not real foods. For a long time I've told people to look at the ingredients and the more ingredients, the worse the food. I'm now at a place where I believe ALL simple carbs are detrimental and most complex carbs are as well for those with metabolic disorders. I believe for optimal health, we should stick to one ingredient foods. Yes I said it, ONE ingredient food!

Yes, by most people's standards, eating only one ingredient foods would be considered radical. I believe there are a certain group of people who may be compromising their health by continuing to eat complex carbohydrate foods. My guess is that the metabolic issues were developed by years and years of eating carbohydrates. Unfortunately I fall into that group. Anyone with metabolic syndrome or insulin issues would also fall into that category. For more than 6 months now I have eaten 1 ingredient food (meat) and quite honestly it has been the easiest thing I have even done. My observation, at least with me is that once I quit eating the other foods, all of the cravings disappeared. Also, I do not experience the kind of hunger I once had. Now, when I need to eat, I will develop a slight 'blood sugar' headache. As soon as I eat it goes away. I have noticed that I can go without food for long periods of time and even if you put a chocolate cake in front of me I am not going to be tempted to eat it. I am eating food that nourishes my body and has allowed me to release almost 40 pounds. I know that if I continue on this journey, I will weight exactly what I am supposed to weigh.

I have also learned that the worst thing I can do is eat multiple times during the day. I shutter to think that I once bought into the myth that one should eat up to 6 small meals per day for good health. That is THE WORST advice a person with metabolic challenges can be given! It is a recipe for disaster causing cravings and constant hunger for them. I have been eating 2 meals per day and that is more than enough. Again, It has allowed me to finally lose weight. I now understand that the worst thing someone with insulin issues can do is to eat more than once or twice per day.

Perhaps one day I will be able to enjoy apples and other fruits but for now, NO sugar. not even in its natural state.