Earthing - What's That?

Have you ever heard the term 'earthing' or 'grounding'? Do you know what means? Basically, it means we have a connection to the earth and when we get in touch with the earth's energy - it can provide us with tremendous benefits, both mental and physical. The earth is like a huge battery that is packed with natural frequencies and power. When we walk barefoot on the earth, this energy is like a sponge as we are physically connected to it. It actually recharges us. Stay with me, I know this sounds like pseudo science - at least that's what I thought when I first heard about it.

Perhaps you have felt this energy when walking barefoot on the sand. In many cultures, much healthier than ours, people are barefoot, walking outside much of the time. Unfortunately in our culture we have become disconnected from the earth because we wear shoes all the time. Once upon a time we were all wearing shoes which were made of leather - which is a conductor of the earth's energy. Today - 95% of the shoes we wear have soles made of synthetic material which block this energy. Something which is so vital to our health has become a victim of modern technology and we could be paying the price 'health wise' because if it.

Many conditions respond positively to grounding. A few include mental health issues, such as depression, anxiety, and addiction to name a few. Some women who embrace grounding, have reported a loss of nighttime hot flashes! Different people will experience different results. So, kick off those shoes and get out in the grass regularly to see what it could do for you. And, if you want to take a deep dive, explore sleeping on ground pads/mats or, being grounded (on a grounding mat) while you sit in front of your computer all day. You just might be amazed at what earthing/grounding can do for you!