Electrolyte Follow Up!

Remember the article I wrote a couple weeks ago regarding 'healthy electrolytes"?

Well, I had something interesting happen this week that I thought I'd tell you about. A friend came to me and said he had just been with a neighbor friend who happened to mention that he was having horrific leg cramps, during the day, after having helped move some heavy items. My response was - your friend needs minerals, electrolytes. He commented that his friend is very stubborn and probably wouldn't believe him if he were to tell himI responded that if a chronic deficiencies were not addressed - it could lead to something more significant, something serious such as heart issues.

At that point he just looked at me and said nothing for a moment. Then he replied that this friend had what is commonly referred to as "the widow maker" heart attack a couple years ago and lived through it. My guess is that his friend is probably on several meds today because of this. Doctors do not check for mineral deficiencies, they prescribe medications. Unfortunately, they don't make money prescribing minerals but they do make money prescribing drugs. While, I cannot, as a nutritionist, recommend supplements for specific ailments as that would be diagnosing and prescribing, I will tell you that before I would EVER consider a medication I would take minerals FIRST. If that didn't correct the problem, there is always the option to take drugs - all of which have side affects!

He said he would talk to his friend sooner rather than later. I told him I'd be happy to discuss this with his friend should he have an interest.