Health is more important NOW than ever!

Maintaining our health has always been important. Personally, I learned a LONG time ago that our food is devoid of many of the vitamins and minerals it should have due to depleted soil, poor farming practices (no crop rotation, chemical fertilizers) long distance transportation and long term storage.

Therefore I have been supplementing my diet since my mid-twenties and today I am a healthy 70! I neither look or feel like I'm 70 so I believe my strategy is working!

A couple weeks ago, hubby and I were with a group of 7 friends. In this group of 9 people, one just finished treating (alternatively) for covid and has previously been treated for cancer, two others were treated for cancer in the recent past, and another is presently being treated for cancer. Half of the group has serious health issues. Thankfully hubby and I are healthy and it is not by accident!

Not only do we need to maintain our health by eating real food and supplementing our diet (with whole food nutrients); we need to beware of and seek out alternative treatments. Allopathic medicine has only two things to offer, drugs and surgery and both have serious side effects. If you truly want to walk in health - you must learn about alternatives to what the medial profession has to offer IF you intend to live long on this earth., I am not against the medical profession. If I am injured - which I have been, I want them to put me back together again as that is what they excel at. However, most medical doctors do not have a CLUE how to keep us well. Quite frankly, the drug companies want life-long customers and most doctors, due to ignorance, cannot help their patients get off the drugs. Chiropractors and functional medicine doctors would be a FAR better choice for health conscious individuals over allopathic medicine. Their philosophy is to find the root cause and to 'fix' the problem.

Quite frankly, I believe it's going to get harder and harder to stay well because the world has gone crazy and there is a lot of bullying to get you to do things which could be very detrimental to your health. You are going to have to learn the truth for you and your family. You are going to have to observe the masses and do the opposite. You will need to trust your instincts, if you feel it is wrong for you, then it probably is wrong for you! If like me, you believe in prayer, now is the time to pray more than ever. If you lose your health and your body fails you, nothing else will matter. I will end this with a very powerful quote.

A healthy man has a thousand wishes, a sick man has only one.