Insulin Resistance, the Root of All Evil?

So much to learn and so little time! Since my last post 2 months ago,(Sorry) I have been on a learning curve with regard to insulin resistance. Not only because I personally deal with this syndrome (pretty severely afflicted it appears) but because it is a FASCINATING and extensive subject! The more I learn the more I realize it's a HUGE topic and there is so much more to learn with new information coming out daily! Just about the time I conclude that insulin is really an evil, ugly hormone, then I learn there is a very good side this very NECESSARY hormone and if not managed correctly it can cause many bad things - including pre-mature death.

If this is a topic you have an interest in I would suggest you read "Why We Get Sick" by Dr, Benjamin Bikman. Dr. Bikman is a scientist and has done (and continues to do) extensive research on insulin. He believes that there is ONE disease and that disease is insulin resistance - MANY other conditions (hypertension, diabetes (Type II), heart disease, POCS, Alzheimer's and on and on) are the RESULT of chronic insulin resistance. Dr. Bikman lays out his case in his book and I must admit I think it is VERY compelling. Dr. Bikman says that 88%+ of the population of the U.S. are insulin resistant and most don't have a clue. Doctors are treating all the various conditions without understanding that insulin resistance is driving these various conditions. Until the insulin resistance is successfully dealt with, the resulting conditions will continue to worsen. The key is to stabilize the blood sugar so the body can heal from sickness and disease.

Why do so many people have issues with Insulin Resistance? Two things mainly.

Sedentary lifestyle and the food we eat. Most people are sitting from morning until night and most people are eating predominantly carbohydrates for food. Realistically, the vast majority of what grocery stores have to offer is NOT REAL FOOD! What is REAL food? Meat, (protein) veggies and fruit - one ingredient food the way God created it. It's that simple. And, unfortunately for those who are insulin resistant, both the fruit and veggies have to be limited. Most fruit has WAY too much sugar and certain veggies are not good as they are high starch and therefore, high carbohydrate. See what I mean by lots to learn?

I should add, there is a third component which is genetics. With Type II Diabetes on my mother's side, and Alzheimer's on my fathers side, I have GREAT motivation to learn as much as possible about Insulin resistance since those are contributing factors to the diseases in my family. I feel like I am just scratching the surface. My learning curve continues and I will keep you posted.