Powerful Magnesium

Some call magnesium the miracle mineral. The wonders of magnesium never cease to amaze me. Last week I was in Arizona, visiting with a dear friend. We talked about some health challenges she has had and what she has had to do to overcome them. Then she mentioned some things she's continuing to deal with. One was heart palpitations and the other was anxiety at night which disrupts her sleep. She's undergone some studies for the heart issues and has had to resort to taking some prescription sleep medications for the night anxiety. I told her, typically anything to do with the heart can many times be a magnesium deficiency and that could also be a factor in the anxiety she's experiencing at night. She immediately went to my website and ordered two forms of magnesium.

I did not see her for the next four days as I was in town for some intense training. By the time I got back to her home, her magnesium had arrive and I instructed her on how to take it. The following day she told me she slept more calmly than she had in a while. Other than perhaps too much magnesium too soon which gave her the runs...she was pleased. We talked about how to adjust things to avoid the bathroom trips. She had also picked up some Epsom Salts and will be taking hot baths as another way of increasing her magnesium levels. This method will not have the side effect of diarrhea as it's not passing through the digestive system.

We talked earlier today and she reports that she's doing great! She has experienced no irregular heart beating in the past several days and she said she feels no anxiety at night and therefore does not feel the need for anymore sleep medications at this time. She is so pleased that she has already ordered more magnesium as she never wants to run out. Those kind of results so quickly show just how powerful this mineral is - it truly is powerful magnesium!