The Glue That Holds it All Together!

If you know anything about me - you will know that when I learn about something I will study, study, learn and study more about it until I pretty much become an expert on the topic. That is true where nutrition is concerned, supplements are concerned and where things pertaining to healthy aging and longevity are concerned. I can't help it - that's the way God wired me. I've learned since it's who I am and the way I'm made - I might as well just embrace it.

Enter my newest obsession....COLLAGEN. While collagen is nothing new...there is a LOT of new science and information coming out about it daily! So, hang on. I'm about to enlighten you as to what I've learned recently about this amazing little miracle.

All collagen is NOT created equal. The source most likely to what we produce as humans - is marine collagen. Most collagen sold is bovine or chicken and most comes as a powered or gel cap.

Our bodies production of Collagen, which is the glue that binds us together, begins to decrease when we are in our 30's! The best and pretty much only source of collagen is animal protein(which explains why so many vegetarians/vegans look so old) so that is how you add it to your diet.

If the collagen you are taking is a good one - you will notice improvement in your skin, hair and nails, joints, ligaments, muscles, etc. You will look and feel different. If you are taking a supplement and not experiencing changes in ANY of the above mentioned areas, I submit to you that you might want to try something different. Remember the definition of insanity? When we continue to do the SAME things and expect DIFFERENT results? This is a teaser post. More to come as I continue my studies!