The Perfect Diet

Updated: Oct 4

To say that I've been asked this hundreds of times (because I am a nutritionist) would not be an exaggeration! I wish there was an easy answer but I would be kidding you and me if I told you there was. We are all fearfully and wonderfully made. What works for some may not work for others. In my case, about the time I think have figured out - my body changes (hormonally) and I have to tweak it or figure it out AGAIN! Perhaps you have never experienced this, which I highly doubt, but if so - lucky you!

The reason there are so many among us who are overweight, sick and obese, is because most do not make changes as time marches on. With over half the population having blood sugar issues, change is going to be necessary. That is unless you want to live on medications and I decided a LONG time ago that I will not go down that road. I choose to live a higher quality of life.

I can tell you that what worked for me in my 20's and 30's did not work fork me in my 40's. And what worked for me in my mid 50's does not work for me today. I honestly thought I had it dialed in when I shed 27 pounds in a period of 6 weeks at the age of 55. I had never lost weight that easily and quickly! I thought FINALLY I had arrived. Nope, not so.

When I had that experience, I continued to do the exact same things I had done to get those results. I ended up not budging from that "new" weight, even though I was following the same protocol and even though I still had weight to lose. Having lost the initial 27 pounds, I felt so much better but I wanted to shed more weight. I knew I was insulin resistant and even though I had modified my carbohydrate intake - as I aged and my body changed, it was not enough.

Thank God I am persistent. I will find what is perfect diet, or rather the perfect"lifestyle" for me. I have decided that I will master the beast or die trying! I would love to know about your journey!