The Perfect Exercise

What if I told you there was an exercise that was hands down, one of the best exercise you could do?

I have heard it said that the perfect exercise (or diet) is the one you will do. This is one I will do! It can be enjoyed by ALL ages, from 2 to 102! It is FUN rather than tedious. It is something you can do in the comfort of your own home sunshine, rain or snow - you can move it outside if you like. If you buy a quality product, a minimal investment can last you a lifetime. (As opposed to a gym membership which cost you month after month indefinitely. ) I KNOW. Way too good to be true.

This is something I came across probably about 20 years ago! I had learned years before of some of the benefits of rebounding, (mini-trampoline) It is a good form of exercise, I knew a little about the g-force concept, that it was good for the lymphatic system and is very low impact on the joints. Here is what I did not know. Not all rebounders are created equal.

Back then, when I decided this would be a good exercise for me - one that I might actually ENJOY - I started asking around to see if any friends might have a mini-trampoline laying around in the attic or the garage. Low and behold, a friend had one they were more than willing to give me.

So EXCITING! I began bouncing, rebounding. After about 2-3 days I was experiencing some discomfort in my low back. No big deal I thought, I'm out of shape and in a while, my body will become accustom to this new and wonderful form of exercise. In about 5 days I was experiencing serious low back pain and could barely walk. I spent the next 2-3 days in bed, flat on my back. Afterward, I began researching what I had done wrong.

What I learned was that not all rebounders are created equal. Most are not calibrated properly (don't adjust for different weights) which can cause pronation of the feet (upon landing) which can then in-turn cause significant back injury and misalignment! I wish I would have done the research on the front end. Fortunately I recovered.

There are all types of rebounders available with various price points. I then learned about the Cellerciser® which is not a cheap version but probably one of the best out there. I bought my first one and have become a celleriser for life. I'll put a link to the website and let David Hall, the creator of the Celleciser® speak to you about the quality of his product.

Let me share with you just SOME of the benefits of cellercising that are listed on the company's website. This paints a picture as to how truly wonderful this form of exercise is.

My advice? Buy a Cellerciser® and start bouncing (rebounding for health) today. It is FUN!

Your body will thank you!