Vitamin C...and Corona Virus...who knew?

I've recently been listening to several doctors discussing the Corona virus. It is March 2020 and we are in the midst of 'social distancing' to slow the spread of what is now being called a world-wide pandemic in some circles. Are we all going to die? Will it be just the those with compromised immune systems or the frail elderly who will die from this? Is this the flu or is it something more? Is it more lethal than other types of flu we have experienced? So many questions and so few answers.

Guess what? There is hope! As it turns out, Vitamin C can actually kill this virus. And, more importantly - Vitamin C is safe! I have heard several doctors say this, including Dr. Richard Cheng in Shanghai, China. He recounts the story of a lady in China, 70 years old with a compromised immune system including serious chronic illness. In January, just after the Chinese New Year, she contacted the virus, Covid 19 and ended up in the hospital. Her daughter, who happens to be very into the study of nutrition, brought the attending physician a recent study regarding the use of vitamin C given intravenously to treat viral infections. The doctor immediately began giving her mother, the patient, 10 grams per day of vitamin C. Despite her age and frail condition, she survived the infection!

You will want to take a good Vitamin C (naturally sourced - not synthetic) and you will need to take a LOT of it (upwards of 20 grams per day) Dr. Cheng actually says 20-50 grams per day. Should you contract the virus, you will want to tell your treating physician to explore the use of Vitamin C intravenously as well as orally.

I believe if more people knew this, there would not be such fear around this outbreak. Go Vitamin C!