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Healthy Aging Enthusiast, Healthy Lifestyle Advisor, Wellness Coach, Entrepreneur.

Trudy Hart Petersen is a unique player in the wellness industry with 30+ years experience in the field of nutrition.   Her approach to providing healthy aging and wellness strategies is sound, based on research, cutting-edge science as well as personal experience. Trudy's goal is to help you live longer and stronger.

Over many years, she has worked with hundreds of clients providing them with the personalized attention they need and tapping them into proven systems allowing them to achieve their wellness and health goals. For years Trudy resisted aligning herself with any one company finding that most companies had one or two signature products while the rest of their line was substandard or worse.  She would encounter people who had taken supplements for years and were no better off than when they started taking them.

Using herself as a 'test case' she had dramatic results when testing a new nutritional wellness company's product back in 2006. Using these products and nutritional systems, she was able to resolve all health issues she was experiencing in a very short time.  Thrilled with her own success, she went on to work with person after person, and all were getting the same, dramatic benefits from the products!  That was over 12 years ago and she has not looked back.  Today she has a 'team' of vibrantly, healthy people, over 6500 strong, across the US and around the world. Because of this, her company is on track to become the largest health and wellness company in the world!